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It is possible to pay off an agreement earlier?

A lease agreement is concluded for a fixed period according to the nature of the subject of the lease, usually for 36 or 44 months. In the event that you have available resources that you want to use for the payment of the rent, it is possible, however, under the condition that the lease agreement runs until its planned end. The advantage of such a payment is the reduction of the rental factor and thus the reduction of the interest paid by you, which must be spread out evenly in the tax expense until the end of the lease agreement. A fee according to the current rate is linked with this change.

What to do in case of temporary insolvency?

If this happens, there are several ways to deal with it. If a client has short-term problems, it is possible to postpone the lease payments. Such a step must be taken by the client in writing, specifying the time by which he/she wants to postpone the installment. Our leasing company, upon request, decides whether to allow the client to postpone the repayment. If it is only a two-month postponement in the maturity of one invoice already issued, its maturity shall be postponed by an addendum, while the lessee will pay the post-payment fee according to the current rate when signing the addendum. In the case of a more radical change of the repayment schedule, the lessor draws up a proposal for a new repayment at the request of the lessee and, upon its approval by the lessee, draws up an addendum to the lease agreement. A fee according to the current rate is linked with this change. If the lessee's financial problems persist, it is appropriate to find a new lessee for the leased subject of leasing in the form of the transfer of the agreement. This method is advantageous for both clients from a taxation perspective under certain conditions, as the Income Tax Act allows both lessees to recognize their lease payments as tax deductible expenses.

Is it possible to make some changes (technical appreciation) to the subject of the lease during the lease?

If you want to make technical adjustments to the subject of the lease, you need the prior written consent of the lessor. You can send a written application with the number of the lease agreement and the type of technical appreciation to the e-mail address obchod@vubleasing.sk. In the event that the lessee is entitled to write off a technical appreciation, the lessor will take note of this and give their written consent.

Is it possible to lease the subject of the lease to a third party?

The lessee may only lease the subject of the lease to a third party (sub-lessee) with the consent of the lessor. When requesting a sub-lease agreement, the lessor must be provided with documents about the sub-lessee. Lease payments continue to be paid to the lessor by the lessee.

How can I transfer the agreement to another lessee?

The transfer of a lessee of a running agreement (transfer of a lease agreement) is a method of terminating the lease agreement for the original lessee without the need to recalculate the lease depreciation on a straight-line basis, i.e. accelerated depreciation due to non-observance of the leasing period.

If you want to transfer your lease agreement to another lessee, the original lessee will send a written request to transfer the lease agreement to the e-mail address obchod@vubleasing.sk. This application must include the number of the lease agreement, the reason for the transfer and the contact to the new lessee, who submits the same documents as when a new lease agreement is concluded. We will prepare a triple addendum to the lease agreement on its transfer, which both the original and the new lessee and the lessor shall confirm, resolving the payment of the original tenant after reviewing the documents from the new lessee upon request. The new lessee along with the original shall confirm the acceptance report for taking over the subject of the lease and the documentation of the lease agreement. If the insurance premium is not part of a lease payment, the new lessee must prove the conclusion of an insurance contract and its restriction of disposal rights in favor of the lessor. When transferring a lease agreement for a vehicle, the new lessee will receive a large certificate of roadworthiness and authorization to declare the vehicle without delay. A fee according to the current rate is linked with this change.

Is it possible to terminate a lease agreement prematurely?

A lease agreement may be terminated prematurely only by the lessor, and only in the cases specified in the General Leasing Terms and Conditions. The lessee may apply for early termination of the lease only if there are reasons for preventing the proper performance of the terms of the lease (inability to repay the lease), that is to say, reasons which also entitle the lessor to terminate the lease agreement prematurely.

In these cases, the lessor, after taking away the subject of the lease and its further realization (sale or new lease), financially settles the lease agreement by means of the Extraordinary Termination Protocol under the General Leasing Terms and Conditions. However, we must point out that if the leasing period is not observed, in certain cases, the costs associated with the lease cannot be included in the tax expense. The exact procedure varies according to the date of signing the lease agreement and this will be explained by our staff. For the above reason, it is preferable to transfer the lease agreement to the new lessee by transfer.

From what value of the subject of the lease is it possible to conclude a lease agreement?

This value is set so that the repayment of the purchase price by the rental factor will cover the costs associated with the administration of the agreement. This value is approximately € 3,319.39 excluding VAT.

What does the lessee pay when signing the lease agreement?

When signing the lease agreement, it is necessary to pay an advance payment on the premium and a fee for the preparation of the lease agreement according to the valid tariff. For all payments, the lessee receives an invoice from the lessor when signing the lease agreement. Payments must be paid directly to the lessor's account by bank transfer or bank deposit. Other lease payments are always payable on the basis of an invoice agreement, respectively a repayment schedule to be received by the lessee immediately upon signing the lease agreement. Based on our experience, we do not advise tenants to repay the lease agreement payments by postal vouchers.

How to proceed after paying the lease payments upon a proper termination?

The lease agreement is for a fixed term (typically 36 or 44 months), which is exactly listed on the repayment schedule. Upon the expiration of this period for which the full amount of the lease is written off, the lease may be terminated properly. Clients often confuse the deadline for paying the last lease installment with the date of the proper termination of the lease. The term of the proper termination of the lease agreement is related to the date of taking over the subject of the lease and is the last day of the 36th or the last day of the 44th month following the date of receipt of the subject of the lease. The regular termination of the lease agreement will only occur if the lessor does not register any claim against the lessee. Our leasing company promptly sends the client a call for claims to be settled in good time before the lease is properly terminated. If the lease agreement is financially settled, the lessor will automatically send the lessee the Protocol on the proper termination of the lease agreement, indicating the subject of the lease, its acquisition price and other relevant data. If the purchase price has been agreed in the lease agreement, the lessee will receive an invoice for its payment along with the protocol.