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VAT control statement

Dear clients,

VAT control statements, where all tax documents are listed, were introduced through legislative changes.

In order for the control statement to be consistent, please state the data as follows:

  • For installments listed in the repayment schedule, the contract number, i.e. for instance LZC/13/12345, should be indicated in the control statement.
  • For invoices under an operating lease, the original invoice number listed in the Appendix to the invoice, i.e. for instance FOS/14/12345, should be included in the control statement.
  • For other invoices that do not originate from the repayment schedule, the original invoice number, e.g. for instance FRU/14/12345 is listed.
  • The Delivery date in the repayment schedule is listed in the control statement.

In this regard, we ask you to promptly report any changes to your data, such as changing the VAT payer to a non-VAT payer and vice versa, changing your VAT ID or a change of address.

Thank you very much.

The VÚB Leasing, a.s. team