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Cookies Policy at VUB Leasing, a.s.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files sent to and stored on your computer, smartphone, or other electronic device that you use to access the internet. They are designed to allow the website you visit to recognise your end user device or terminal, and/or to enable you to use the website and its features and settings more effectively.

What types of cookies do we use?

Third-party cookies

In addition to marketing and analytical cookies, which you may refuse on our website, we also use solutions operated by third parties.

Third parties are partners of VÚB, a.s. whom we trust. These include insurance companies and partners who ensure that the VÚB, a.s. website is developed properly, has all the necessary features, and is constantly being improved upon; or partners who provide us with statistics, including the most visited pages.

In order to evaluate the statistics, we may collect information about you, your internet connection, and your computer (e.g. IP address, type and settings of web browser and operating system). However, such information is not combined with your other personal data.

VÚB, a.s. does not use cookies to provide your personal data to third parties. We will disclose your data, namely your name, surname, address, telephone number, or e-mail address to a third party only if you give us your consent to such disclosure or, where necessary, for the purchase of a product or service from our portfolio. For example, if you wish to buy insurance from us, we will provide the necessary personal information about you to the insurance company whose product you purchased through us.

You can find more information about the option to disable the use of these cookies on your device on the operator’s website for the relevant cookie file type. For more information, please visit the official websites for Google, Adobe, or the Network Advertising Initiative.

You can also disable the use of these particular cookies in your web browser settings. These website links will show you how to control your cookie settings through your web browser. If you make any changes to these settings, these changes will not only affect your experience on the VÚB website but also on any other website you visit in your web browser.

Mozilla Firefox    Google Chrome   Internet Explorer   Microsoft Edge

Aplikácia Použitie cookies Meno Použitie pre doménu Doba používania Typická hodnota 3rd party
Google AdSense (DoubleClick) Zlepšenie relevancie a obmedzenie frekvencie zobrazovania internetovej reklamy od spoločnosti Google. Pomáha pri zabraňovaní nadmernému a duplicitnému zobrazeniu reklamy. id .doubleclick.net 2 roky 2292d319ff01005f||t=1420 709805  Áno
_drt_ .doubleclick.net 24 hodín ABLiLK00izlt_ BEqSp8CRtbokLCEK7NK7xs Áno
Google produkty (YouTube, Google maps..) Monitorovanie internetovej aktivity za účelom vylepšenia použiteľnosti a relevancie obsahu pre užívateľov webových stránok. HSID .google.com 2 roky AwSnmg9fe8_f5qhLo Áno
SSID .google.com 2 roky AH22EiOZDhNTgQ_N2 Áno
APISID .google.com 2 roky ZHYUN8zH3BBleh4H/A0r 6P8qOzIZK83d Áno
SAPISID .google.com 2 roky my7e_yWN-iwNgv6s/Ae Áno
NID .google.com 6 mesiacov _LuuricTEkYjVXUPLC2R8 Áno
SID .google.com 2 roky DQAAAHYBAACaK Áno
PREF .google.com 2 roky ID=8a9e594c42ea426a:U= 24c8a0fada4c5a57:FF=0:L D=en:TM=1420792792:LM =1421076311:S=_sNb6rl9 qAFX97dE Áno
HOTJAR Monitorovanie internetovej aktivity za účelom vylepšenia použiteľnosti a relevancie obsahu pre užívateľov webových stránok. _hjXXXXX .hotjar.com 30minút Áno
FACEBOOK Ukladanie a sledovanie návštev naprieč webovými stránkami. _fbp .facebook.net 3 mesiace fb.1.1806222527584.2145577201 Áno


Why do we use cookies?

At VÚB, a.s. we use cookies for various purposes. These include ascertaining your user preferences, helping you navigate through each page of our website, verifying your identity, and (if necessary) securing our website.

The cookies used by VÚB, a.s. are safe. Many are designed to provide the required and necessary security to protect your data and accounts.

VÚB, a.s. also uses cookies to ensure the most convenient and efficient use of its website. The cookies used by VÚB, a.s. enable you to log into the website (such as your internet banking or when buying online goods and services) and enable us to recall and maintain your user preferences regarding browsing data on the website. This includes your language settings, a list of select exchange rates for generating a currency table, the automatic display of your last viewed page on our site for your next visit, and even the use of financial applications to calculate interest, instalments, etc.