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VÚB Leasing has 20 million euros available from the EIB for investment projects

VÚB Leasing signed and drew a line of credit with the European Investment Bank Luxembourg (EIB) at the beginning of August 2017 for 20 million euros. The funds will enable clients to invest with in regional development, SME development, environmental support, or the development of a knowledge-based economy with preferential terms.

Resources are designated for both low and high capitalization companies as well as for the public sector. The funds can be drawn in the form of a financial or operating lease or a loan. To be provided with resources from this credit line, the applicant must comply with the rules laid down by the European Investment Bank.

The main benefits for clients who take advantage of financing from EIB are:

  • a more favorable interest rate
  • simple loan administration
  • possibility to combine EIB resources with funds from VÚB Leasing, possibly with other sources (subsidies from the Agricultural Paying Agency - PPA, EU Structural Funds).

Conditions of draw down:

  • for the application of preferential financing, a minimum threshold of EUR 40 thousand applies and a maximum cap of the volume of the lease or loan amount up to EUR 12.5 million
  • project investment costs may not exceed EUR 25 million
  • the minimum maturity of the loan is 2 years

Investment loans from EIB resources are intended to support regional development, small and medium-sized enterprises or sectors such as the environment, infrastructure, the development of a knowledge-based economy and society and the efficient use of energy, health and education. Companies can refinance fixed and variable rate projects for 3 and 4 years, for example in the construction of production halls, equipment, technology purchases, modernization of education or health facilities, and environmental projects.