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Property insurance

This concerns damage to or destruction of buildings, halls and constructions, including all building components. The subject of the insurance may be new property as well as property already in use, subject to a valid building approval decision and the use of the property by clients for the purpose stated in the insurance contract. The plots of land are excluded from the insurance.

All insurance companies insure property in an aggregated form of risks in which the following components should be included:

  • fire, direct lightning strike, explosion, collision of an aircraft or its parts
  • water from a water pipe
  • windstorm, hail (ice)
  • load (burden) of snow, avalanche
  • flood, inundation
  • landslide, falling rocks and earth
  • the fall of trees, flagpoles, and other objects
  • vehicle crash, smoke, sonic boom
  • volcanic eruption, earthquake
  • theft - theft of building components, interior vandalism

In addition to the basic insurance coverage, it is possible to negotiate voluntary insurance of the following risks - glass insurance, machine breakage, ownership of property responsibility, external vandalism. In the case of property insurance, different rates of deduction for individual insurance risks are acceptable.