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Information for drivers:

When you visit the service center (tire service) please submit the Approval card for vehicle maintenance to the receiving technician, which is part of the Driver's Manual (located in the vehicle) and inform the receiving technician that you are a customer of VÚB Leasing, a.s., Fleet management department

Electronic highway vignette SR

With effect from 01.01.2016 a new electronic highway vignette system has been launched, which replaces the existing paper form of the highway vignette / sticker in its entirety.

In this way, we want to inform our clients, who also have a highway vignette within the scope of the calculation of the vehicle, that VÚB Leasing (Fleet Management) has automatically registered the vehicles in the electronic highway system.

You can check your vehicle's individual registration   "HERE"

Repair/replacement of the windshield:

Partner for the Czech Republic

All information relating to tires, see HERE

Basic information for the service

Contact on the technical leasing department:servis@vubleasing.sk