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About the company

VÚB Leasing, a.s., is a universal leasing company, which is a 100% subsidiary of VÚB Bank, a member of Intesa Sanpaolo, one of the most important financial groups in the euro area. Thanks to our individual approach to clients, we have long been a reliable business partner. In addition to our stable position in the Top 5 most active players on the Slovak leasing market, we are one of the largest leasing companies in Slovakia.

We provide comprehensive services in the field of financing and mediation of insurance, tailored to the personal requirements and preferences of our clients, which can be legal entities, natural persons - entrepreneurs, as well as natural persons - non-entrepreneurs.
Through our rich product portfolio, we offer our clients:

  • comprehensive processes, procedures, services
  • a high quality, fast and simple operator service model
  • an individual approach
  • simple and convenient repayment
  • expert advice on financing
  • availability within our nationwide business network, as well as the possibility to contact us through any of our retail branches or VÚB Bank's business center throughout Slovakia.

Our portfolio includes financial leasing, loans, operative leasing as well as a comprehensive offer of insurance products. In the framework of financial leasing and loans, we enable our clients to finance personal vehicles, commercial vehicles and trucks, buses, manufacturing and technological equipment as well as property. Do you need to finance specific items such as ships, aircraft, railway vehicles, IT equipment and more? VÚB Leasing, a.s. can assist you with this as well.
We provide our clients with services in the area of operating leases and passenger car rental. Our range of services also includes the provision of premium insurance products and tailor-made rates for our customers.
The position of being the oldest Slovak leasing company with extensive experience allows us to present ourselves to you as a strong, professionally competent and stable partner for long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation.

 History of the company

VÚB Leasing, a.s. was founded in 1992 under the name B.O.F. a. s. It became the first Slovak company to focus on financial leasing services.
Beginning in 2001, the company B.O.F., a.s. gradually merged with the subsidiaries of B.O.F. Lučenec, a.s., B.O.F. Žilina, a.s., LEASING, a.s. in Banská Bystrica, Proxima Leasing, a.s. in Dunajská Streda, VSL - joint stock company Košice, ZEFIN leasing, a.s. in Michalovce and with the subsidiary BOFCAR, s.r.o., which provided operative leasing and car rental services.
In December 2007, after the successful ending of the acquisition, the company B.O.F., a.s. became a subsidiary of VÚB Bank. By joining this large VÚB Group, the company gained a strong and stable partner for its further successful development. The year 2008 brought one of the most important changes in the history of our company. On 1 September 2008, the company B.O.F., a. s. changed its name to VÚB Leasing, a. s. and introduced a new company logo, created in the spirit of the new communication of the VÚB Group. This change brings us the opportunity to improve the quality base of a company that has had a significant market position since its inception and provides high quality service through a professional team of people. VÚB Bank bought the remaining 30% of VÚB Leasing's shares from Prvá slovenská investičná skupina in 2010 and thus became its 100% owner.

Management of the company

Board of Directors:
Ing. Branislav Kováčik - Company Director and Chairperson of the Board of Directors
Ing. Marian Bonk - Member of the Board of Directors
Ing. Ivona Bobkovičová - Member of the Board of Directors

Supervisory Board:
Ing. Andrej Viceník, MBA
Ing. Miroslav Hanuljak
Antonio Bergalio

The sole shareholder of VÚB Leasing, a.s. is Všeobecná úverová banka, a.s. which owns 100% of the shares.
Registered capital: € 16,600,000
Founded: 25 February 1991

Our company recognizes the principles of ethical behavior in business. We are a founding member of the Association of Leasing Companies of the Slovak Republic. The main conditions of association membership include respecting theCode of Ethics of ALC SR members.

In addition to ethical principles, we also maintain the principles of openness, honesty and responsibility in our activities. Our representatives actively participated in the creation of the Unified Code of Corporate Governance, prepared by the Central European Institute for Economic and Social Reforms - INEKO, the Bratislava Stock Exchange and the Financial Market Authority.

Code of ethics of VÚB Leasing, a.s.

The Code of Ethics is a binding document through which VÚB Leasing explains its values and aims to adequately guide the behavior of individuals. It also talks about the importance of social and environmental aspects that contribute to minimizing credit and regulatory compliance risks. You can read it HERE. Reporting on a breach of the Code of Conduct can be sent to the address of the company at: podnety@vubleasing.sk