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CASCO car insurance

is the insurance of motor or trailer vehicles and their parts as well as accessories that are standard and mandatory equipment. It covers the damage or destruction of a motor vehicle and its equipment by a random insured event as a result of an accident, natural disaster, theft, robbery or vandalism. Territorial validity is negotiated individually, as a standard for the geographic territory of Europe.

The selection of the insurance company and the conclusion of the accident insurance is a contractual duty and responsibility of the client. The decisive parameters for the choice of CASCO insurance include, in particular, the insured risk, the amount of participation, the territorial validity of the insurance, the offer of assistance services, the speed and quality of the settlement of claims, as well as the requirements of the leasing company.

Various types of insurance can be negotiated with CASCO, according to the specific offers of individual insurers (insurance of the windshield deductible, insurance of the ability to repay the lease/loan installments, insurance of the extra equipment of the vehicle, luggage or personal belongings, persons transported by the insured motor vehicle, assistance services or legal assistance).