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Insurance of technologies, machinery and electronic equipment

Mechanical and electronic equipment insurance covers all risks, so-called All Risk Coverage. It is insurance against all dangers, with the exception of lock-outs. Mechanical and electronic equipment insurance can be concluded for two basic types of machinery and electronic equipment, namely stationary and moving machines, stationary and mobile electronic devices. In the case of mobile machinery, they are divided into those with a vehicle registration number or without a vehicle registration number.

VÚB Leasing, a.s. safeguards mechanized machinery and electronic equipment as well as special insurance against the risk of the damaging or destroying of the machine, e.g. breakage. Machine breakage is a sudden, unpredictable and accidental damage or destruction of the machinery, demonstrably caused by outside influences.

At the same time, we can safely insure your inventory, e.g. office furniture and fitness equipment according to the individual needs of the client.

The place of insurance of the financed item is the registered office of the company, or the place of operation. The place of insurance must be stated in the insurance contract, or the insurance proposal. The client is obliged to notify the insurance company and VÚB Leasing about any change of the place of insurance or the place of operation. Portable equipment insurance and mobile machinery insurance apply to the territory of the Slovak Republic. It is possible to extend it to the territorial validity of Europe.