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Claim in the case of a motor vehicle

When a claim occurs, it is necessary to document the damage to the subject of financing in the Accident report form. Then notify the insurance company and the lessor about this fact by phone at 02/4855 3670 or by e-mailmakler@vubleasing.sk stating:

  • the numbers of the lease agreement
  • the date of the occurrence of the claim
  • the damaged subject of the lease, or the vehicle registration number
  • the extent of the damage, the manner of causing the damage and whose fault it was
  • insurance event number (assigned by the insurance company)

In case of a claim pursuant to Act No. 8/2009 on Road Traffic and Act No. 144/2010 Coll., this fact should also be reported to the police.

On the appropriate form of the insurance company, please state VÚB Leasing, a. s., Mlynské nivy 1, Bratislava as the insured. The number of the insurance contract is stated in the lease agreement. The damaged subject of the lease will be reviewed by the insurance company's liquidator and subsequently repaired by an authorized service center. Lease payments must also be paid during the repair of the subject of the lease. The insurance company will request our consent to release the indemnity in favor of the service or you. If you pay the leasing installments on time, we automatically release the indemnity. If you have debts to our company, we will cover them from the indemnity and you will receive the difference between your debts and the indemnity for the cost of repair immediately.

In case of total damage, the same procedure is followed. In this case, the liquidator will mark the subject of the lease as irrecoverable and the insurer will send the indemnity to our account. Upon receipt of the indemnity, the lease agreement will be terminated and the Exceptional Termination Protocol will be drawn up, by which you become the owner of the subject of the lease, if it has not been disposed of.

In order to liquidate the claim, submit the following documents directly to the insurance company or the lessor:

  • a completed and signed Accident report
  • a copy of the lease agreement for total damage
  • a copy of the Vehicle registration certificate
  • a copy of the VAT payer registration, respectively a declaration of non-payment of VAT
  • a copy of the driver's license of the driver at the time of the accident
  • the original of the documents on the repair of the subject of the lease with an exact breakdown of the works and the material used (must correspond to the inspection of the subject of the lease after the insured event); or their valid descriptions
  • the police report on the accident

If the subject of the lease is stolen and the police have failed to track it down, the police will send a resolution on the termination of the search after the prescribed deadline (2 months). Send the original of this document to the insurance company and send the scanned document by e-mail to makler@vubleasing.skor fax a copy to 02/5542 3176. Based on this resolution, we will discontinue your lease agreement and send you a request for the permanent removal of the vehicle from the Traffic Inspectorate Register. After being removed from the register, the police will confiscate the Registration Certificate and issue you a certificate on the removal of the vehicle. Send the original of this document to the insurance company and send the scanned document by e-mail to makler@vubleasing.skor fax a copy to 02/5542 3176.

In the case of the theft of the subject of the lease, it is necessary to submit to the insurance company:

  • a completed and signed Accident report
  • a copy of the lease agreement
  • proof of termination of the police investigation
  • spare keys from the vehicle and from the security system
  • proof of a mounted security system
  • a certificate of registration with a record of the theft, or a confirmation from the traffic inspectorate about the removal of the vehicle from the register
  • a copy of the purchase invoice
  • a copy of the acceptance certificate

Upon receipt of all the documents, the insurance company sends the indemnity to the account of VÚB Leasing a.s. The lease agreement is terminated upon receipt of the indemnity and settled by the Extraordinary Termination Protocol under the General Leasing Terms.

If you are involved in a road accident abroad, we recommend the following procedure:

  • it is necessary to call the police (if one of the participants is injured, one of the participants is driving the vehicle under the influence of alcohol, it is not possible to agree who caused the traffic accident). In some countries the presence of police is not required and police may refuse to draw up a record of the accident
  • an international traffic accident record is to be filled in correctly, completely and legibly, by you and the other participants in the accident. It is important to fill in: The vehicle registration number/license plate of all participating motor vehicles, the insurance contract number and green card, the motor insurance company name, a detailed description of the accident and the vehicle damage, the exact location of the accident, etc.
  • upon return to Slovakia it is necessary to report any accident the client has participated in immediately to the insurance company, even if he/she considers that he/she is not the one who caused the accident, to enable the employees of the insurance company to effectively defend against unauthorized claims
  • do not pay any claims to the injured party without consulting the employees of the foreign affairs department of claims settlement, you should also not accept any written claims

To prove the claim, the following is required:

  • request for laying a claim
  • international record of a traffic accident
  • police report
  • a record of the inspection and photo documentation

The insurer may call upon you to submit other documents, not mentioned above, as necessary. The client is required to report the occurrence of the insured event to the insurance company within a period of up to 15 days, if the damage occurred in the territory of the Slovak Republic, or within 30 days if the damage occurred outside the territory of the Slovak Republic.

Insured event in other cases than a motor vehicle

When an insured event occurs, it is necessary to:

  • arrange an inspection with the liquidator of the insurance company
  •  inform VÚB Leasing at tel. No.: +421 (0) 2 4855 3670 or by e-mail to: makler@vubleasing.sk or fax to: +421 (0) 2 5542 3176