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CAR MONITOR (electronic logbook) will provide our clients with:

  • automatic transfer of data from vehicles to the user server
  • availability from any computer connected to the Internet
  • route data backed up for 18 months
  • tax recognized Log book
  • a wide variety of output reports
  • an unlimited number of users for an unlimited number of vehicles
  • monitoring of the vehicle's semi-trailer
  • the monitoring of private and service mileage
  • driver identification
  • communicator dispatcher with driver
  • measurement of fuel consumption
  • displaying the instant position of selected vehicles
  • ON-Line Multi-vehicle tracking on one map background
  • graphical and text display of the travelled routes
  • the possibility of using the fueling cards of all companies in the Slovak Republic
  • choice of 5 language options (CZ, D, EN, HU, ES)
  • possibility / disassembly of the system from one vehicle to another
  • warranty and post-warranty service
  • distinguishes the "km" travelled for business and private journeys
  • mileage per trip
  • date, time on the road, and identification of the driver's name

From the electronic logbook, it is possible to create complete reports on individual vehicles and their journeys, which completely replaces handwritten logbooks in their printed form