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Why buy pre-owned cars from VÚB Leasing from operative leasing?

  • We know the history of our pre-owned vehicles:
  • the vehicles were purchased as new from authorized dealers in Slovakia
  • our company was the first and only owner of the vehicle
  • regular maintenance and servicing of the vehicle
  • the service book is part of the vehicle (service records, guaranteed mileage on the vehicle)
  • the technical condition of the vehicle corresponds to the age and number of kilometers driven

Additional services that you can use when buying a used car through AUTO STRNAD OUTLET:

  • beneficial financing throughVUB Leasing (financial leasing, vehicle loan)
  • car insurance under favorable terms (motor insurance, CASCO, supplementary insurance)
  • installation of additional equipment on the vehicle upon the client's request
  • the possibility of servicing the pre-owned vehicle
  • tire service (winter / summer tires, storage, ...)
  • plumbing and painting work (insurance events)
  • legal advice